2017: Celebrating our 18th year of Keeping Austin Smart!

KinderScience Science Explorers Lego WeDo Robotics Science Lab (Robotics & More)

Science and Lego Camps!

Welcome to Science Connection

Science Connection allow children to discover scientific Phenomena in an interactive and exciting way through a variety of hands-on activities. All classes are led by teachers with special 'hands-on science' training. Daily camp activities include building with science, scientific snack, outdoor science, and science stories and discovering science.

All children receive fun take-home science activities, a free water bottle and a 'Keep Austin Smart' T-Shirt!

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Ages: Pre-Kindergarten (must be 4 by Sept 1, 2017) and have not completed kindergarten for the 2016-2017 school year

Everyday is a new adventure at camp!

KinderScience Schedule

2017 Curriculum Coming Soon!

New Activities Every Year!

Day 1:
Body Machine: Discover the sensational workings of the amazing human body. Build a model lung and discover ways to take care of your body machine!
Day 2:
Colorful Chemistry: Love to mix colors? Uncover the beauty and chemistry of colors as you experiment to make all the colors of the rainbow and create a tie-dye t-shirt that will dazzle your friends!
Day 3:
Creepy Crawlies: Eat bugs for snack? Of course, a lady bug cookie that is! Explore the lady beetle, go on a bug hunt and more! Bugs have never been this much fun!!
Day 4:
Chill Out! The Science of Cold: Take a step into winter and uncover the wonders of cold. Create a survival suit, keep warm with blubber, and chill out with a very cold snack!

Science Lab (Robotics & more)

Grade Level: 3rd thru 5th grade (2016-2017)

Let's have fun with science!

Science Lab Schedule

New Activities Every Year!

Day 1:
MESMERIZING MAGNETS- Use magnetic forces to create a contraption that will amaze all your friends and family. Uncover the secrets of the magnetic field. May the force be with you!
Day 2:
KITCHEN CHEMISTRY- Concoct chemical reactions that change before your eyes. Create and experiment with slime against slime in the Tournament of Slime. Who would’ve thought you could have so much fun with common household items!
Day 3:
SCIENCE DETECTIVE- Get ready to decipher the secret code and look for clues. Think like a spy and use your detective skills to solve the science mystery!
Day 4:
PHYSICS IN MOTION- Safety first is our motto, and we are counting on you to protect our science friends. Play with ping-pong balls and throw eggs while learning about the physics behind safety!
STEM INVESTIGATIONS- Explore scientific materials and equipment, use your engineering skills to create a structure with a variety of building materials, or build and program a LEGO NXT robot. The possibilities are endless with all that's available for you to do in the STEM room!

Let the games begin!

We Do Lego Robotics

Grade Level: Kindergarten - 2nd (2016-2017)

Imagine it, build it and watch it go!

You will learn about the world of engineering and computer programming using the LEGO We-Do robotics kits. With motors, sensors, and computers, you will have tons of fun creating models that move and make sound! Get ready to explore, imagine, and create!

Get ready to explore, imagine, and create!

Kindergarten (Kinder Lego Mania):
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WE-DO- An introduction to the We-Do kits and basic programming tasks
1st-2nd Graduates:
ENGINEERS IN ACTION- Building and programming challenges with more in-depth engineering applications

Science Explorers

Grade Level: Kindergarten - 1st (2016-2017)

Everyday is a new adventure at camp!

Explorers Schedule

New Activities Every Year!

Day 1:
RAINBOW SCIENCE- Reveal the magic of rainbows and create some awesome glasses to see the world in rainbow colors. Witness the transformation of colorful foods into an edible rainbow snack!
Day 2:
SYMPHONY OF SOUND- Explore the physics of sound through many ‘soundsational’ experiments. Use your new insight to make and take your very own sound producer. Tune in!
Day 3:
SPINELESS ANIMAL WONDERS- Uncover the mysterious habits of a spineless animal you know and love. Create a habitat to raise mealworms from larva to adult beetle. The swamp jello snack will have you asking for more delicious worms!
Day 4:
WET & WILD! THE SCIENCE OF WATER- Science fun is endless when it comes to water investigations! Discover the science behind water as you construct a model boat and cool off with an icy cold water-based snack.


Peace Lutheran Church (Sessions 3-5)

10625 N FM 620, Austin, Texas 78726

Located at the entrance of Canyon Creek neighborhood

FAQ & Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the refund policy?
We always want your child to attend our camp. First we will try to move your child to a different camp session if we have openings. We understand that things happen.
  • 46 days or more before July 10-Full refund minus a $25 processing fee
  • 31-45 days before July 10- You will receive a 50% refund
  • 30 days or less from July 10-No refund
What are the camp’s objectives?
Science Connection is a hands-on interactive camp that makes science fun!
What will my child eat?
We provide a snack that ties into our daily theme and you provide a lunch. Each child is given a water bottle. The teacher will fill the water with fresh cold water everyday for the children and the child will get to take home the water bottle on the last day.
Is the curriculum the same all summer?
Yes, the curriculum is the same every session. Every summer there is a new curriculum. Science Connection has designed the curriculum so that a child may enter the program at the age 4 and have new curriculum every year all the way through 5th grade.
Can my child be in the same class with a friend?
Yes, the registration online is live. The registration page shows the current openings for each class. Just find a class with openings and all sign up for the same class.
Can I sign up for more than one session?
Yes, I have had several campers come for more than one session. The campers rotate all day from classroom to classroom. There is plenty of opportunity in the building and discover room for a child to find new things to explore. The experiment and snack time will be the same, but the rest of the day will be your child’s own adventure.
Where do you get your teachers?
We work throughout the year looking for qualified teachers. Almost all our camp teachers are elementary teachers or they have extensive background with the childcare industry. This year we have made an exception, we have one high schooler that will teach this year. Courtney Bohrer started with the program when she was 4 and went through the entire program. Now she is 18 and is going to be a teacher this year.
Are the different fish different classes?
Starfish is just the name of the classes. Instead of calling the class Ms. Courtney’s class we call it the starfish class. The curriculum is the same for each age group, example Kinderscience classes all study the same thing. The Curriculum is developed specifically for each age group. But the curriculum is different for each age group, example the kinderscience classes learn different curriculum than the science explorers. A child can enter the program at the age of 4 and come to camp every summer till 5th grade and never have the same curriculum.


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When and Where

Peace Lutheran Church
$170 (Until March 15)
$180 (March 16 - Camp)

Free T-shirt and water bottle for every registered camper!

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2017 Camp Dates

Session 1 July 11-14 Tuesday-Friday Peace Lutheran Church
Session 2 July 17-20 Monday-Thursday Peace Lutheran Church
Session 3 July 24-27 Monday-Thursday Peace Lutheran Church
Session 4 July 31-Aug 3 Monday-Thursday Peace Lutheran Church